Video Live Streams

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Expand your audience with Video Live Streams

Video Live Streams broadcast your project or live event online and distributes you organization’s message to all major social media platforms.  Video Live Streams are a new and ever-growing way to expand your online audience and establish yourself as not only an expert in your field but also as professional and "full on" production, not just a rinky dink podcast or blog  .  Whether it be doing a live tutorials, answering user questions, selling product or doing a full-fledged online show, a Video Live Stream is a 2-for-1 Video Production.  You get the immediate social outreach and engagement with those viewing live, in addition to the continuing “Like- and Share-ability” from the video after the fact.  Video Live Streams can be saved and logged on your social media channel for others to see and experience even after the live broadcast.  Why spend the time making a video when you can make a Video Live Stream and turn it into a special online event.