All you need is love. Love is all you need.
— John Lennon

I have been officiating weddings for over 5 years.  I literally got my start marrying dogs at FidoFest as a goof and it turns out I have a knack for it!  I am proud to be an ordained minister of the Church of the Latter Day Dude.  That's right... The Big Lebowski Church!  As a priest of Dudeism, I fully encourage the practice of bowling, drinking white Russians, and taking it real easy, man. 

Thanks to RCW 26.04.050, Washington State acknowledges representatives of any religious organization to bring lovers together in holy matrimony and I would be honored if you chose me to preside over the ceremony on your special day.  Traditional or goofy, gay or straight, 420 friendly or IPA snobs, all types of weddings are fair game!  Apart from my Dudeist practices, I am indeed atheist and specialize in secular or "scientifically-minded" wedding services so if you're looking for someone to read from Corinthians, I'm probably not your guy.  I love working with the happy couple in coming up with a script for the ceremony and I can help write and shape the text so hopefully this is one less thing you have to stress about.  Feel free to contact me via email or phone and I'd be happy to set up a meeting as well.  Thanks, and congrats on your marriage.